Can A Genital Warts Treatment Cure You Forever?

Can a Genital & Anal Warts Treatment Cure Your Warts Forever?….if you have discovered that you have genital warts you may feel a surge of panic. These ugly and sometimes painful lesions can interfere with your personal life.

But that is not all. Having genital warts can put you at risk for developing certain types of cancer. So you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. But you are probably wondering can a genital warts treatment cure your warts forever?.

Unfortunately, a genital warts treatment may not get rid of your warts for good. This is because your warts are caused by a virus. This virus is the human papillomavirus. There are over 100 different strains of this virus. Specific strains are responsible for causing warts on specific areas of the body. A wart that appears on your finger or on your knee is caused by the HPV virus. Genital warts are caused by a specific strain of HPV.

Since HPV is a virus, there is no antibiotic or other type of medication you can take that will get rid of it. Viruses are tricky because they will attach themselves to a host cell and then enter that cell. Once inside they will use the host cell’s own enzymes to make new virus particles. These new particles will assemble themselves into a new virus. This new virus is then released into the body.

Antibiotics work by killing bacteria. Bacteria are actually living single cell organisms that attack specific areas of the body. Since a virus is not a living organism, antibiotics do not work on them. A virus is essentially a piece of DNA that has restructured itself to cause havoc in the body.

Since the HPV virus can live in your body for months or years it is possible that warts will return even after a genital warts treatment. Your best defense in the fight against HPV is a healthy immune system. The immune system can identify the virus as an intruder and eliminate it. The immune system is a complicated array of components that all work together to protect our bodies.

So if genital warts can return why should you bother getting rid of them? These warts are highly contagious. They can be spread to others through intimate contact. Therefore, warts should be removed. In some cases, genital warts can also grow so large they can obstruct the urethra, making it impossible to urinate. This can become a medical emergency.

As you can see, if you have genital warts it is a good idea to find a great genital warts treatment. It is also a good idea to take good care of yourself and build a healthy immune system to get rid of the virus that causes these warts.

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Are Homeopathic Medicines an Effective Genital Warts Treatment?

When you have genital warts you want to know how to get rid of them as soon as possible. Genital warts are contagious and can easily be passed on to others through intimate contact. Most of the time, these types of warts will not produce symptoms. But if they do produce symptoms you can experience itching, bleeding and pain in the genital areas.

If you have ever researched genital warts treatment you have probably come across homeopathic medicines that claim to eliminate genital warts. Keep reading to discover if these types of treatments are effective.

You need to be aware that homeopathic treatments and home remedies are two different things. Home remedies for genital warts treatment will generally consist of using specific items that are easy to find or that may already be in your home.

Homeopathic medicines are solutions that are developed from specific plants and components found in nature. These remedies are natural and compounded together to make a healing solution. Many individuals use only homeopathic remedies for their illnesses.

The advantage of using a homeopathic genital warts treatment is there are fewer side effects than with conventional medications. Since genital warts are actually caused by a virus, the homeopathic remedies can work well with your body’s immune system to help get rid of this virus. A lot of times, conventional medications will suppress the immune system which will make it difficult for the body to get rid of the virus that causes genital warts.

Another advantage to using homeopathic medications as a genital warts treatment is you don’t need a prescription to get them. You can find them online or at your local health or natural foods store. Some cities will have homeopathic practitioners that will create customized homeopathic medications for you. Make sure any practitioner you visit holds a degree in homeopathic medicine.

So are homeopathic medicines an effective genital warts treatment? It depends. Some individuals will have great success with homeopathic medicines. However, we are all different. Some individuals will get no benefit from homeopathic treatments. The only way you can know if these treatments are right for you is to give them a try.

Just make sure the ingredients in your treatments are all natural. Organic sources are the best because you will not be putting chemicals such as pesticides into your body. Give any treatment you try a week or two to make a difference.